5 American attractions for music fans

The US stages big music festivals and has some of the most iconic musicians. If you’re a music fan, you’ll want to visit these five American events for some of the best shows in the country.

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South by Southwest

SXSW is a music and film festival held in Austin, Texas. It’s the world’s largest of its kind, with hundreds of bands playing across dozens of venues throughout the city during its 10-day run. The conference started in 1987 as an alternative to large mainstream festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, which were gaining popularity then.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin City Limits Music Festival is an annual music festival in Austin, Texas that features over 130 bands on eight stages. The first festival was held in 2002 and has since become one of the largest music festivals in America. Each year, it hosts approximately 100,000 people at Zilker Park over two weekends: one in October and another in November or December.

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Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a country music show broadcasted from the Ryman Auditorium since 1943. It’s the longest-running radio show in history and has been on the air for over 80 years!

The Opry was first broadcast from WSM AM 650 in Nashville, Tennessee, as a live performance on November 28, 1925, by George D. Hay and Dan Hornsby, with an audience of about 25 people, mostly friends and family members of performers. The show soon gained popularity with listeners across America. 

It became so popular that WSM needed more space than the studio could provide, so they moved to larger premises at Union Station, where they stayed until 1943. They moved back into their current home at Ryman Auditorium because they needed more room again due to increasing demand from fans across America wanting tickets.

Songwriters Hall Of Fame

The Songwriters Hall of Fame is a museum and hall of fame located on the shore of Lake Erie, downtown Cleveland. The not-for-profit organization began inducting artists in 1970 and has honored more than 300 songwriters since its inception. The Hall of Fame includes historical exhibits that honor these songwriters’ careers and contributions to American music history.

FAME Museum

FAME Museum is located in the same building as FAME Recording Studios, which you can see on guided tours. The museum has a collection of over 2,000 costumes and props from music videos, including those by Beyonce and Mariah Carey. 

It also has over 5,000 photos and videos of artists recorded at the studio over its 60-year history. In addition to this extensive collection of memorabilia, there are interactive exhibits where visitors can explore how artists create their music videos or record their albums using various equipment, such as microphones or guitars. 

In Conclusion

If you love hearing music played by some of the best artists, check out these US venues where they perform. You can also go to these American attractions to steep yourself in US music history.